Our ‘Brokerage’ package offers the complete service for marketing your physical grain and pulses in both the track (bulk handler system) and delivered market. Daily text messages and emails provide market information and price discovery to the growers’ fingertips with market advice just a phone call away.


With a vast array of grain products now on the market, CloudBreak recognises the need for a professional advisory service to help growers navigate the grain market. Our Advisory package offers all the same great features as our Brokerage package but with the added benefit of complete access and support on financial instruments.

Delivered Price Discovery

Members of Cloudbreak receive a range of daily text messages to keep our growers among the most informed. Each morning you will receive a text updating you on overnight futures movements from the main global exchanges such as Chicago Board of Trade and the Matif Futures in Paris.


With a large tonnage moving through the freight service, we are able to capitalize on the economies of scale and can often achieve a cheaper cost of freight for the grower. This alleviates a number of logistical headaches for the grower, which are instead dealt with externally.


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Managed Services

CloudSmart is a tailored service designed to spread the risks associated with grain marketing and ensure regular cash flow from grain sales over a set period. It does this via regular fortnightly incremental sales on your behalf. CloudPro is an easy service for growers to use, allowing you to set a minimum price for your grain whilst maintaining the ability to participate in any upside. It is completely transparent where the grower can clearly see how their marketing strategy is being managed.

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