CloudSmart is a tailored service designed to spread the risks associated with grain marketing and ensure regular cash flow from grain sales over a set period. It does this via regular fortnightly incremental sales on your behalf.

The service allows our grain marketing team to target specific periods of market fluctuations and price spikes with the aim of maximising returns and outperforming the post-harvest average cash price. We will look to take advantage of events such as short covering rallies and increased shipping demand.

With CloudSmart, your grain can be marketed over a 3, 4, 6 or 9-month time frame. CloudSmart offers choice to growers, allowing exposure to as much or as little of the marketing year as they desire. There is also the ability to market different grades at chosen times. For example, for those wanting to take advantage of high H1 premiums during harvest/post-harvest, they can opt to have these tonnes sold prior to other grades that have less spread volatility.

While being more of a ‘set and forget’ strategy to grain marketing, it is important to note that a product such as CloudSmart can be best suited to certain market conditions, including;

  • Low decile pricing post-harvest
  • Futures hold a large short position
  • A shipping programme that presents potential opportunities for demand spikes.

CloudBreak has the experience and knowledge to understand these key marketing conditions. We follow both the domestic and global market very closely, monitoring movements in futures, weather conditions across key growing regions, demand from key importers, and changes to the local shipping programme amongst other key price drivers.




CloudPro is an easy service for growers to use, allowing you to set a minimum price for your grain whilst maintaining the ability to participate in any upside. It is completely transparent where the grower can clearly see how their marketing strategy is being managed. The aim is to protect against any downside risk while targeting periods of seasonal strength and short term speculative spikes to ensure you are able to partake in any price rallies in US wheat futures.

We have the experience and knowledge to understand key marketing conditions. We closely monitor movements in futures, weather conditions, and demand trends amongst many other key price drivers. We are effectively able to make timely and well-informed decisions, so by using a managed service we are able to react quickly to pricing opportunities.

CloudBreak will tailor the service according to your business requirements. By completing a Customer Information Record you will allow CloudBreak to understand your attitude towards risk, cash flow requirements and price goals.

A Statement of Advice will be provided to you prior to commencement of the service. This will explain exactly what CloudBreak will do with both physical sales and options strategies.

Physical sales and options strategies are conducted under your name. You will also be able to clearly see how your options are performing in your own personal account. Once your account has been set up, CloudBreak will manage both your physical sales and your options strategies. You will receive regular reports and have the ability to contact CloudBreak at any time to discuss your position.


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