Who is CloudBreak? Is CloudBreak the buyer?

We are a team of grower agents and advisors, brokering the transactions between buyers and sellers. CloudBreak Grain Marketing is not a buyer and therefore is not a party to the contract.

How does the grower receive payment?

Payments for contracted grain are made direct to the grower by each respective buyer. For most buyers, this is made through National Grower Register (NGR) cards for those registered. For some smaller buyers, payments are made via direct bank deposits.

Does CloudBreak guarantee payment?

CloudBreak chooses to deal with secure, reputable companies to minimise risk. We understand that growers not getting paid reflects poorly not only on the buyer, but CloudBreak too!

What is the cost?

The cost varies depending on the level of service you are after. For up to date pricing information please call the CloudBreak Office and have a chat to one of our friendly staff about what will best suit your business needs.

What commodities do we market?

CloudBreak markets a wide range of commodities in both delivered and in the track system. We cover almost all commonly grown commodities in South Australia & Victoria. Wheat, barley, lentils, canola, chickpeas, durum, lupins, peas, beans, vetch and oats are all frequently sold to local buyers and exporters alike.

How long has CloudBreak been operating?

CloudBreak Advisory began in 2008 with a focus on technical analysis of the market, developing hedging tools for growers through the use of options, swaps and futures contracts. Soon after, CloudBreak Grain Marketing was established to facilitate the sale of physical grain whilst providing advice and marketing strategies to growers.

How many buyers does CloudBreak deal with?

CloudBreak deals with over 60 buyers amongst the delivered markets throughout South Australia and Victoria! Add to this, 18 buyers in the track system (bulk handlers such as Viterra, GrainFlow, GrainCorp). Our buyer network provides our clients with a multitude of options when it comes to marketing your physical grain whether it is stored on-farm or at your local site.

Is CloudBreak Independent?

CloudBreak is an independent broker. We do not buy your grain or have any interests in the companies which do. This allows us to provide independent advice to growers.

How do I join?

Joining is easy! Simply give the CloudBreak Office a call to have a chat about what service level suits you and fill out a couple forms with your details. The whole process can be completed in minutes.

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