What can CloudBreak Grain Marketing offer?


Market Intelligence

  • Price Discovery
    • Delivered markets
    • Site and Port Zone pricing
    • DCT (Delivered container terminal)
  • Market analysis and reporting
  • Shipping Stem reporting
  • Recommendations for growers

Tailored Advice

  • Multiple Advisory Services
    • Price Risk Management
    • CloudSmart
  • General Advice Strategies
  • Hedge summaries
  • Workshops


  • Tenders
  • Offer Board
  • Physical grain trade
  • Contract negotiation
  • Buyer networking
  • Grower representation

Execution & Administration

  • Grain transfers
  • End Point Royalty summaries
  • Cashflow summaries
  • Buyer invoicing
  • RCTI’s
  • Post-harvest arbitrage
  • Logistics and freight assistance

CloudBreak is South Australia’s premier grain brokerage and advisory service

The team at CloudBreak is solution focused and always strives to get the best result for our clients through multiple grain marketing strategies. Our holistic grain marketing approach aims to assist growers with marketing grain over multiple seasons, which will help them maximise their bottom line. In today’s deregulated environment price risk management can be complicated. With an array of services on offer, CloudBreak recognises the need for a professional advisory service to help growers navigate these markets.

CloudBreak’s price discovery is not to simply monitor track markets but is additionally suited to those looking to maximise value from their on-farm storage. By selling grain to an end-user or delivered packer, growers can often receive a significant premium. We endeavour to have the largest delivered demand pool of any Grain Marketing specialist in SA and Vic. We maintain active working relationships with feedlots, feed mills, grain packers and dairies across South Australia and Victoria which offers our clients greater marketing power and increased opportunity.


  • Gross margin analysis
    • Receive multiple scenario analysis for different growing regions, prices and commodities as well as analysis on crop rotation options.
  • Early Hedge Opportunities
    • Receive recommendations and advice for forward contracting
  • Price Risk Management
    • Individual advice tailored to your personal circumstances based on cropping plan and market trend analysis.

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  • Forward Contracts
    • Reduce risk with forward sales with recommendations.
  • Position Analysis
    • Receive hedge summary reports unique to your projected production
  • Workshops
    • Learn more about how the grain market is influenced and different options to help increase your bottom line
  • Storage Allocation
    • Advice on which commodities and grades to keep on farm vs bulk handler storage

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  • Contract Arbitrage
    • Maximise profits from forward contracts by considering multiple grade spreads
  • Transfers
    • Grain transfers managed and monitored by our team
  • Selling Advice
    • Straightforward price advice on multiple grades, sites and port zones
  • Off the Header Sales
    • Off the header cash sales to suit your cash flow needs

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  • Delivered Markets
    • Benefit from our extensive network of buyers in the delivered market
  • Actioning Sales Program
    • The CloudBreak team works with you to proactively market your grain
  • Administration Assistance
    • Receive regular cash flow and hedge summaries
  • Multiple Sales Approaches
    • Market your grain using additional alternatives such as Tenders, CloudSmart or our CloudPro services
  • Logistics
    • Receive assistance on moving your grain when delivery schedules get too tight

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