Why Choose CloudBreak as your Grain Advisor?

With a vast array of grain products now on the market, CloudBreak recognises the need for a professional advisory service to help growers navigate the grain market. Our Advisory package offers all the same great features as our Brokerage package but with the added benefit of complete access to financial instruments. Accredited with a Financial Services License (No. 337984), CloudBreak can offer general advice to manage risk using multiple available strategies. These include the use of Swaps, Futures and Options on a range of commodities and currencies to help you best hedge your production.

The Advisory Package includes everything attached to the Brokerage membership PLUS general advice on Swaps, Futures, Options, Currency, and other financial products. This package is for those who wish to advance their price risk management to the next level. Years of experience in the industry means that CloudBreak advisors can help you execute strategies with the aim of increasing your bottom line and minimising price risk year after year. The Advisory Package provides you with in-depth analysis and recommendations based on technical market movements and trends, along with all information on fundamental drivers. As a CloudBreak Advisory Client, you must meet the ‘Professional Investor’ hurdle under the Corp’s Act, controlling $10 million or more of gross assets. You must also possess the experience and knowledge to make investment decisions and properly assess the risks that it incurs.

Through interpreting market opportunities, CloudBreak provides clear and proactive hedge advice in a time where price risk management can be complicated. From initial market advice to placing trades on your behalf, monitoring of your position, frequent hedge summary reports and General Strategy Statements (GSS); our Advisory package offers growers opportunities, market insight, guidance, and a no-fuss solution for efficient and successful hedging.

Any advice will be ‘General’ in nature and not specific to your personal circumstances.


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