Members of Cloudbreak receive a range of daily text messages to keep our growers among the most informed. Each morning you will receive a text updating you on overnight futures movements from the main global exchanges such as Chicago Board of Trade and the Matif Futures in Paris. Our ‘Expected Market Move’ text provides an indication of what the futures movements should translate to for each day’s local cash price.

Our daily research and communication with a vast range of buyers assists growers in keeping up to date on prices in such a volatile market. In the early afternoon growers receive a concise, easy to read text for the delivered and track market with the best price on offer for that day. Rather than receiving countless texts from different buyers, CloudBreak consolidates the vast array of daily data into a selection of best prices direct to your mobile. Regular specials on commodities are sent to you, constantly presenting you with opportunities to seize, with prices that are sometimes well in excess of public market bids.

Cloudbreak specialises in maintaining an active working relationship with feedlots, feed mills, grain packers and dairies across South Australia and Victoria. We can offer alternate avenues to market your grain outside of the traditional channels. This allows us to provide a service especially suited to growers looking to maximise value from their on-farm storage.

Using delivered market prices, we connect growers directly to the end-user or container exporter and help reduce intermediary costs. CloudBreak will investigate any credit risk on your behalf and offers full disclosure on the sale. These connections provide our members with an increased opportunity to sell in the pulse market.

Our price discovery opens the door for growers with off-spec grain, whilst avoiding harsh penalties (such as cliff face discounts) for lower grade commodities. We offer a means to have samples pre-tested, so growers can be better informed on what their best price options are.

Breakdowns in price are provided by commodity and grade direct to your mobile device, whilst offering the best buyer offers on the day. All indicative offers are also provided via email as a daily bid sheet. Whether by text or by email, CloudBreak provides its members with optimal pricing in an easy to read format, including information on any price premiums based on grade and location.


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