Our ‘Brokerage’ package offers the complete service for marketing your physical grain and pulses in both the track (bulk handler system) and delivered market. Daily text messages and emails provide market information and price discovery to the growers’ fingertips with market advice just a phone call away. CloudBreak prides itself on finding delivered and track market opportunities which add profit to each grower’s bottom line.

We work with growers, tracking warehoused and on-farm stocks, to regularly present opportunities through price special alerts and proactive calls. Our holistic approach aims to provide year-round tailored support, information and execution of deals with grower convenience and returns always at the forefront of our work. CloudBreak approaches grain marketing in a dynamic way using different angles to negotiate with buyers; not just on price, but payment terms, delivery periods and off-specification grain. Growers can set target prices to be held until triggered by market bids or be part of tenders where large marketable parcels can achieve premiums above and beyond market prices.

CloudBreak manages deal executions from start to finish. All paperwork and transfers are taken care of as part of the service, saving you valuable time and energy. CloudBreak also provides End Point Royalty assistance, detailed sales & hedge reports with weighted average prices and cash flow statements to show when buyer payments can be expected.

The underlying principle to our services is market knowledge. Through economic analysis of global supply and demand factors, market experience, and local market news- CloudBreak provides up to date and accurate information which gives growers all the tools to make the best decision possible. Fortnightly market outlook reports covering the major commodities provide in-depth market analysis at a glance with recommendations always included to give growers firm direction. CloudBreak’s ‘Brokerage’ package provides an affordable no-fuss solution to effectively and efficiently market your grain.


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